Mr. Robot, Oh! is an independent podcast about Mr. Robot on the USA network.

Your hosts, two TV critics and a web security expert/hacker, cover every episode of Mr. Robot in depth, analyzing the show’s themes, stories and tech, and sharing listener feedback.

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Your host:
-Uc1NuHUA former entertainment journalist and TV critic, Mike Moody is now a technical writer in Austin, TX. You my have read his pop culture commentary at Aol TV, Birth.Movies.Death, and The Huffington Post, and you may have heard him co-hosting the Gilmored Podcast and Marvel TV Binge.

Our episode art and podcast logo was created by Austin, TX artist Nate Bliss.

We’re a member of the Permanent RCRD podcast network.
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Guest list (so far…):

Allison Keene (Collider)

Jamie Righetti (Film School Rejects)

Grant Davis (TV Dudes, The Beerists)

Clyde Haynes (Pilot Watching)

Karin L. Kross (Tor)

Kate Kulzick (The A.V. Club)

Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)

Aaron Broverman (Vice)

Nick Zaino (Boston Globe)

Akira Span (h3ll0fri3nd.com)

Scot Candiotti (The Serious TV Drama Podcast)

Kyle Nolan (No Reruns)

Randy Lander (The TV Dudes)

Jason Griffin (TV Times Three)

Nate Bliss (TV Eye)